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30 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Video Games & Computer Holding Power by Sherry Turkle

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Video Games & Computer Holding Power by

Sherry Turkle (1984, The New Media Reader, pp. 500-513)

  • by 1982 people spent more money on video games than movies & records combined
  • video games as an analogy for constructed “rule governed worlds” & simulation
  • TV is something you watch, video games are something you do
  • comparison of video games to pinball (ancestor): “In pinball you act on the
    ball. In Pac-Man you are the mouth.”
  • concept of identifying with the game character
  • first video game: Space War, built at MIT in the early 1960’s (required a super computer)
  • Pong – 10 years later / more portable
  • Space Invaders / Joust (progression in nature of characters: Pong was just a
    marker, these were visually more complex)
  • advent of adventure games; interactive books
  • relationship between fantasy role playing games & computer culture
  • video game as altered state; metaphor of meditation/total concentration
  • opportunity for perfection 

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