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15 Μαρτίου 2015

Film Language

Film Language – Cohen
Montage – the art of combining pieces of film / shots into a larger language

  • Griffith (Birth of a Nation)
  • Eisenstein
    o montage is collision of conflict between shot & its successor emotional content
    direction of movement  distances 
  • Bazin
    o agreed with Eisenstein that montage & dialogue are incompatible o believed that synchronized speech was a necessary development o film should reveal reality as whole (mise-en-scéne)
    o anticipated depth of field shot (Orsen Welles)
  • Henderson

o long tracking shot (goddard)
o structuralism / semiotics
syntagm: is necessarily made up of a sequence of signs which are meaningful because they are different
o film is not a reality but a language Dayan
o theorizes shot/reverse shot sequence Rothman
o film, not the sequence, makes the statement Silverman
o suture can be made even more irresistible when the field of the speaking subject is implied
o critiques POV, saying that shots refer jointly to the action of the
implied narrator and the spectator Film Form – Eisenstein
Cinema is Montage

  • example of Japanese calligraphy / hieroglyphics
    o dog & mouth = bark
  • the shot is the basic cell of montage
  • collision of ideas
  • dialectical approach: thesis + antithesis = synthesis
  • logical vs. alogical
  • emotional dynamism
  • goal of synthesis of art & science 

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