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13 Νοεμβρίου 2014

arduino 01

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get to know your tools
-transducers-μετατροπείς    (lightbulbs,speakers,…) other types of energy to electrical (vice versa)
-sensors                                other forms of energy to electrical
-actuators-ενεργοποιητές     electrical energy to forms of energy
circuits                                  move electricity to different conponents
direct current circuits
alternating current circuits

Current                                  measured with Amps A
Voltage                                   measured with Voltage V
Resistance                              measured with Ohms  Ω

led   cathode(-)/shorter leg
         anode(+) /longer leg
resistor    converts electrical energy into heat

switch — switch is closed it will complete the circuit–monentary/pushbuttons

build the circuit

series curcuit

parallel circuit

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