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28 Απριλίου 2013

html 5-js-urban-gelocation html 5-perform-self phycology-autophyco:-)

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3.the html file 

Bucky;s Mebsite

wellcome to thenewboston





  • video
  • images
  • texts


6. pseudo-classes

the structure
div id

paragraph as a chil of the div

we have the class which indicates

at the css file



7. negation pseudo-class 
all these css thechniques are used to manipulate mainly the fonts the texts the headers the titles etc…

* affect everything   

:not(.bucky) {color:red;}

8 sweet  css3 Selectors (8/53)

div>p{color: green;}

body>p{color: green;}
the p they are childen of body are affected

body>p{color: green;}

p.bucky+p{color;blue;}  it means a paragraph named bucky
so it affects ..


laying out by using a standard css3
the old style and the new style

<section id

-what is section id

10 starting the styling

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 


header section footer aside nav article hgroup {

hary saly fery and nad ate hands

10 styling the navigation

12 styling

13…finishing the layout

14 flexible box

….16 finishing the box

Urban Design

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Primary Industry: Architecture & Planning
Urban design is the process of designing and shaping cities, towns and villages. Whereas architecture focuses on individual buildings, urban design address the larger scale of groups of buildings, of streets and public spaces, whole neighborhoods and districts, and entire cities, to make urban areas functional, attractive, and sustainable. Urban design is an inter-disciplinary subject that unites all the built environment professions, including urban
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Urban Design Professionals

  • Dirk Sijmons

    Dirk Sijmons 3rd

    Curator at International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
    Dirk Sijmons (M.Sc. Engineering) (b.1949), landscape architect, senior consultant, studied architecture and…
  • Sarah Wigglesworth

    Sarah Wigglesworth 3rd

    Director, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
    • Pioneering ecological architect with a range of experience of both new buildings and refurbishment projects •…
  • Frits van Dongen

    Frits van Dongen 3rd

    Rijksbouwmeester, Chief Government Architect
  • Michel Rojkind

    Michel Rojkind 2nd

    principal at rojkind arquitectos
  • Sunand Prasad

    Sunand Prasad 3rd

    Senior Partner, Penoyre & Prasad
  • Cino Zucchi

    Cino Zucchi 3rd

    Owner, Cino Zucchi Architetti
  • Paul Monaghan

    Paul Monaghan 3rd

    Partner, AHMM
    Paul works on a wide range of projects including masterplanning, arts, educational buildings, housing, offices,…
  • Piet Vollaard

    Piet Vollaard 3rd

    architect, critic, owner/editor in chief of the architecture website
    Architect and architectural author/critic since 1985. Teacher at several architecture school in the Netherlands….

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geolocation samples

Μια ιστορία έρωτα, ενός λεπτού σιγή

Marina Abramovic & Ulay


Οι μεγάλοι έρωτες δεν τελειώνουν ποτέ. Ούτε αρχίζουν. Μόνο διαρκούν σε έναν αιώνιο χρόνο κι είμαστε πάντα εκεί γι’ αυτούς. Κι όταν οι εραστές ξανασυναντηθούν είναι σαν χτύπημα. Χαμογελούν αμήχανα, κοιτούν βαθιά στα μάτια, κουνάνε το κεφάλι κάνοντας νεύμα με το βλέμμα να ξεχειλίζει δάκρυα και τρυφερότητα. Μένουν σιωπηλοί για ένα λεπτό, συγκινημένοι, κι έπειτα αγγίζονται, κρατούν σφιχτά τα χέρια ο ένας του άλλου και λένε αντίο. Και παίρνει λίγη ώρα μέχρι να μπορέσουν ξανά στα μάτια να κοιτάξουν κάποιον άλλο…
Marina Abramovic & Ulay. Ένας μεγάλος έρωτας τη δεκαετία του ’70-80. Δύο ανατρεπτικοί καλλιτέχνες. Μαζί έκαναν πολλές παράξενες performances στην προσπάθειά τους να χαρτογραφήσουν τα όρια της αγάπης και της συμβίωσης μέσω της ζωντανής αναπαράστασης, προσπαθώντας παράλληλα να τοποθετήσουν την performance ως τέχνη ισάξια με τις υπόλοιπες. Ακόμα και το χωρισμό τους έτσι τον έζησαν. Περπάτησαν οι δυο τους για πολλές μέρες κατά μήκος του Σινικού Τείχους από αντίθετες πλευρές και συναντήθηκαν στη μέση. Αγκαλιάστηκαν και δεν ξαναείδαν ποτέ ο ένας τον άλλο… Μέχρι την αναδρομική της έκθεση στο Μουσείο Σύγχρονης Τέχνης στη Νέα Υόρκη 30 χρόνια μετά (τον Μάιο του 2010). Στο «The Artist is Present»*, τη μεγαλύτερη και πιο απαιτητική της performance, η ιέρεια της σύχρονης τέχνης παρέμεινε για τρεις μήνες απαθής σε μια καρέκλα. Για 7.30 ώρες τη μέρα καθόταν ακίνητη, χωρίς να έχει το δικαίωμα να πιει, να φάει ή να κάνει οτιδήποτε, και οι επισκέπτες μπορούσαν να καθίσουν απέναντί της σιωπηλοί για ένα λεπτό. 750 χιλιάδες άνθρωποι χάθηκαν στο βλέμμα της. Ανάμεσά τους, χωρίς εκείνη να το γνωρίζει, ήταν και ο Ulay…

thinking about the hollidays we dont have
maybe we dont diserve to have them
maybe it a terrible bourgouis kataloipo to think
that you can have the ability to go therte
thinking about the consumming of energy
the alive personal produstions of garbage
anykind of bargages bargages from the toilet garbages from the kitchen
distorted and polluted depressed scary and ghosty weather that draws pnige my selfappreciastion
and suddenly thousand of stars that work the bright blue on Vaadhoo
a light xali from bright illusions 
a lighted dream of perfectness and beauty
the eros is coming due to the lonlyness
that is the reason to knock the door of the bordel what ever bordel is this
and there are many of them
not to elliminate their offerings
not to underestiate the holliness of the prostitute
a holliness that always keeps the signs of the illness
a serious travma on humans blood
The scinery we all live 
the scinery that comes out by the   

Bioluminescence, Maldives
The Maldives tide turned electric blue (Picture: Doug Perrine/Barcroft Media)

The bright blue glow came from the beach on Vaadhoo Island after local plankton reacted with oxygen in the sea water to produce a light brighter than the Milky Way.
The natural phenomenon, called ‘bio-luminescence’, is hardly ever seen close to land and was captured by photographer Doug Perrine on a trip to the Indian Ocean.
He told AOL: ‘This picture was taken on a starry, but moonless night.
‘Each small wave lapping onto the shoreline was lit up like sheets of lightning.
‘The plankton creating the light show was concentrated along the edge of the beach. The organisms creating it were large enough to be seen with the naked eye.’
Expert Peter Franks explained the phenomenon, saying: ‘When jostled, each organism will give off a flash of blue light created by a chemical reaction within the cell.
‘When billions and billions of cells are jostled — say, by a breaking wave — you get a seriously spectacular flash of light.’
The rare phenomenon is usually only seen further away from land when ships stir up the sea bed.

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