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7 Απριλίου 2013


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01. the walt diseny strbrd

A storyboard is a sequence of images and words drawn together on a page to form a plausible narrative.
Storyboards are routinely used in the movie making business to ‘preview’ a movie before a single shot is taken. Not only does a storyboard allow for a dress rehearsal of the final product but by the very fact of being posted on the wall,it elicits early feedback and encourages quick, painless editing, leading to significant savings in time and resources.
Disney was a storyboarding freak!
A storyboard is an apt metaphor for how we make sense of our own life history. Storyboarding can be used to sense emergent patterns in our own life story and to envision the life experiences that we wish to welcome into our future.
Try storyboarding the past and future events in your Life!

Storyboard Inventor: Walter Elias Disney

02. strbrd and 3d space

—- mechanical flipbook


Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel, Mechanical Flipbook. Photo by Luke Neve for Kinetica

[vimeo w=500&h=281]
01 HORSEINMOTION from Wendy Marvel on Vimeo.

03.strboarding interactivity

the origins of storyboard are in the film history , where a series of panels roughly depicts snapshots from an intented film sequence in porder to get the idea across about the eventual scene. Similarly, for inreractive system design, the storyboards provide snapshots of interface at particular points in the interaction.
Evaluating customers or user imprassions of the storyboards can determine relatively quickly if the design is heading in the right direction.

students examples-

-movie svreen- theatre-tv
the perception of the scale- the tv-human scale-phycological implications-being with another.
-how the action happens in z axis.

//// story board 1////////////P2080240

story board 1

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