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7 Απριλίου 2013

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1. Documentary; provides documentary information on an existing person or object
2. Narrative: fictitious depiction, like live theater except is recorded; has a narrative element, story
3. Advertisement: commercial tools used to promote or sell a product, service or point of view
4. Experimental: works which do not fit into the above categories

1. video imagery; recorded with video camera
2. film: imagery: recorded with film
3. 2D animation: created with traditional or computerized techniques
4. 3D animation: created with 3D animation software
5. video processed: video imagery modified using hardware or software
6. still images: scanned or shot with a camera

a. personal experience
b. based on a belief system or concept(eg. Catholicism or Capitalism)
c. based on a book or writing
d. based on current events
e. the imagination



past future

Consciously or unconsciously, the viewer will attempt to answer the following questions:

1. What’s happening here?
2. What has been happening?
3. What might happen?


If content an action within the finished work is presented in an expected or cliche manner, viewers will probably become bored. No one type of content will be of inters! to all viewers, must consideridentity of the viewer.

Methods of keeping interest:

a. present new content of interest to the viewer eg. create a documentary about a publicaly available vehicle which could transport anyone to the moon at a cost of $99.95

b. present popular content, but from a new perspective eg. create a documentary about the disadvantages of a computerized society

c. present action is unexpected (example: in the film “M. Butterfly” the viewer
and male lover learns at the end of the film that thebeautiful actress is a man”)

d. recomprehension of the past example2: in the film “The Adjuster (1991)” by Atom Egoyan, an attractive well dressed woman sits beside a large, dirty, supposedly homeless man on a subway car.  To the shock of the other passengers, the woman begins to rub crotch area of the man. At the next stop, the man and woman run off the train, followed by them laughing as they run onto the. They are a man and wife who enjoy exhibitionism.

example 3: In “Exotica(1994),1′ also by Egoyan, viewers follow the life of a customs agent whooften visits a strip club where he always requests a dance from a specific young woman. Late in the film, the viewer learns the young woman had been the baby sitter for the man’s young daughter who had been murdered a few years earlier. His encounters with the woman oscillate between sensuality and nostalgia and human comfort.

storyboarding: series of small drawings indicating keyframes, sequences, transitions, etc.

frame: single frame making of a shot

shot: collection of related frames

sequence: a collection of shots related formally or conceptually

complete video/film/animation: consists of frames, shots and sequences

transitions: cinematic effects between sequences or shots

key frames: two extremes of a particular movement

inbetweening: calculation of frames in between key frames

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