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18 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

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Project Marketplace



Our intention was to discover what people who live and work at the market place have to say about this landmark. What follows is a form with some of the most representative answers to our questions.
Q1: How many years do you work here?
A1: 20 years.
Q2: What are your thoughts about this place?
A2: We like it. It constitutes a historical center and in a way is a shelter.
Q3: Do you enjoy your work?
A3: Yes we do. We are enthusiastic but at the same time its better not to have to work at all.
Q4: What changes would you like to see in this place?
A4: Nothing, the traditional look and feel must remain exactly as it is.
Q5: If a statue was to be placed, where do you believe it’s the most appropriate place to install it?
A5: Nowhere.
Q6: Why is the current location of the market here?
A6: It’s a central location which is also especially commercial because there are many shops all around it.
An interesting comment that we got was that we shouldn’t ask them those kind of questions, because they aren’t famous as artists for example.


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