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11 Δεκεμβρίου 2012


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[youtube ]

Bill Viola – Migration

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) – On Art and Jackson Pollock (Excerpt From Cooper Union Dialogue)



Looking at the viola;s videos for the idea of a space that acts as an intermidiate space with the mouth
i was thinking about my ideas and mostly the idea of my video;s space..

there is not an interest to capture a special movement at the three dimensional space… it is mostly an effort to create the presence of the absence of the space of unity… a space that is the target space of most of the art creations..the deleuzian gate of fantasy… What I mean is that I dont intend to trap the glace of the viewer in a certain perception of the space like the 3d perception that viola  projects at the “space between the mouth”  while he is capturing that long shor far long shot of the narrow diadromos untill the rythmical repititions of the scene  parallel with a  rhythmical decreasment of the projecting time of the primary scene along with the rythmical increasment of the secondary’s scene’s rythmical repeatation , the rythmical unification of the two observed spaces, the far long shot of the narrow space and the close up of his mouth while he is sitting at a chair at the end of the dia-dromos—
so thinking about it i decided that i could even think of having that kind of sbota with my poor means…My only hope was a 3d scene simulating at least my movement my —intention…..\

I thought again how many years i have lost in order to discover the way that an ””artist”’ of our times works…Actually I havent found it yet…but now…i smelll it and i am sure i know how to teach to be close to grasp tyhe feeling thje new life of capturing the real life… I think that all the other ways are limited to perception limited to information i have the ego the powe5r of the gods that had given me as a present the knowledge of the box. The box is simple but at the same t9ime could become very complicated and create vast crteatures new forms of life and exhistence

The box is the box of pandora or is the bo of our life?

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