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8 Ιουλίου 2012


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Tomorrow, the day after or as years passing by
the strong lyrics will be written, the start of which was here
Konstantinos Kavafis

O childhood: eternity untranslated
Tasos Livaditis

I only sing because you loved me
Maria Polydouri

– Treat your lad with wine, bride,
-Treat me with kisses and caresses and let me be yours every night


With the shimmer of the star I went out to the skies
to the hoarfrost of the prairie, to the only shore of the world
Where may I find my soul, the four-leafed teardrop!

Odysseas Elytis

Half past twelve. How time has passed by.
Half past twelve. How years have passed by.
Konstantinos Kavafis

Subject untaught, death
Kiki Dimoula


Why did not I say: “here is where life starts, here is where it ends…”
yet “if the day’s rainy, richer light it attracts…
but the earthquake as well makes a building more deep grounded,
for the vivid pulse of earth that molds is hidden…”
Angelos Sikelianos

by Maii Kokkidou

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