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8 Απριλίου 2009

Rovner, Michal


Rovner, Michal: “Michal Rovner: Fields

Essays by Rιgis Durand, Sylvθre Lotringer and Mordechai Omer.

Video artist Michal Rovner’s unique and ever-expanding alphabet is built of tiny depictions of the human figure. Fields documents her work in this vein over the past three years, including Data Zone, which combines the sculpture and video from her acclaimed solo exhibition in the 2003 Venice Biennale; documentation of the video installation Time Left; works from the project In Stone, including stone moving ‘texts;’ and notebook vitrines. Her recent collaboration with the composer Heiner Goebbels, Fields of Fire, which was made following a trip to Kazakhstan, depicts oil-field fires in a landscape that recalls both the fluid ink brush of the Soong and T’ang dynasty and the hyperkinetic pen of the seismograph: the notion of landscape is transformed from the symbol of constancy to an engine of metamorphosis.”

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